Cambridge Coldbrew is a flavorful departure from the more common 'toddy' style cold brew or iced coffee. This is something new.


What is Cambridge Coldbrew?

We begin with a proper brew ratio for an extraction that is full in flavor but not too strong. It is made ready to serve over ice, as opposed to being brewed as concentrate. We use cold, filtered water and the coffee brews in complete refrigeration. The coffee is then passed through a series of cloth and mesh filters to halt the extraction, taking out all the sediment, leaving you with a clean mouthfeel. The final product is then kegged and served on tap.

The coffee keg has been great, people in the office are really enjoying it!
— Stephanie Krier, clypd in davis square
A huge hit... all of our satellite offices are jealous.
— Rachel, Next Jump, Inc.

Coldbrew 'Style' Points

  • Five gallon kegs served under nitrogen pressure on beer style taps.
  • Limited deliveries of Coldbrew Coffee and tea through barismo
  • Kegerator equipment and installation through BostonBeaN.
  • Coffee is sourced directly and locally roasted by barismo.

Are You Ready?

or email us with any questions